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Handmade Nose Stud Australia



Holey Noses – Where quality counts we are the ones to trust!!

• 18ct Gold (Solid Gold, not filled or plated in any way)

• Hand-made to your specification by selecting your tail shape from the drop-down box and your gauge size.

• All Handmade Nose Stud Australia are 6mm in length (from the bottom of setting to bend) unless you require any other length, (this is your responsibility to notify us).

• Nose stud is enlarged to show detail and in no way depicts the actual size you will be receiving, this price is for 1 nose stud only. Please email all questions before you make your purchase to ensure you know exactly what you will be receiving if you have any concerns about your purchase.

Gem Specifics
• Colour – Best quality Natural Pink Sapphire
• Gem size – 2.5mm
• Clarity – VVS

Handmade Nose Stud Australia specifics

Measurements – 3.0mm approximately in the setting

Gold – 18ct White gold – please note this is genuine assay approved 18ct gold, not plated in any way at all

Setting – this is set in a Cone setting, this provides a nice flush sitting against your nose and will not stick up like most other Handmade Nose Stud in the Australian market today.

Additional Information
Please keep in mind that your brand new stud may vary slightly from the picture, because each piece is individually hand crafted and no 2 natural gems are the same.

Among the jewelleries worn by women, the one that has been scientifically researched and visually pleasing is the Handmade Nose Stud Australia. This jewellery piece might have been around for a long time, but they’re still in fashion. A Handmade Nose Stud Australia plays an important role in women’s lives as it enhances the personality and facial features giving a different look to an individual. Holey Noses’ beautiful Handmade Nose Stud Australia are designed to complement your everyday style and complete your look.

Holey Noses offers a wide variety of Handmade Nose Stud Australia designed to suit every face. From segment rings for angular face, beaded nose rings for long face, half-beaded nose rings for round face to versatile Handmade Nose Stud Australia that suit every face shape, we have a diverse collection of nose rings that add to one’s style and looks. They are also versatile and suitable to wear on every occasion. You can get a small Handmade Nose Stud Australia for a subtle look, a single metallic bead, stone and even more intricate patterns for a daring style from Holey Noses.

We offer many Handmade Nose Stud Australia metals for you to choose from including 18ct and 9ct yellow, white and rose gold nose rings. Mainly gold is used for manufacturing our Handmade Nose Stud Australia because of its purity, timelessness, natural look and hypoallergenic features that make it a safe and stylish nose ring metal. Our excellent quality and workmanship earned us a huge reputation from our customers and we guarantee the life of your Handmade Nose Stud Australia. All the gems and diamonds are set in and are not glued that guarantees that these valuable stones will never fall out of the setting. Only the highest quality natural stones are used in all our jewelleries including Handmade Nose Stud Australia that ensure their optimal sparkle and brilliance. No wonder we are Australia’s leading jeweller.

all enquires can be made via email to Phone to 0408 434896


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