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Different Types of Metals utilised in a Diamond Nose Stud

Diamond Nose stud

Diamond nose rings are made with an oversized type of metal in a range of colours nowadays. Mostly, jewellers and women are forming an attraction towards those metals that have the ability to dazzle, like gold. While there are many factors to consider while choosing your nose ring, one important aspect is the type of metal used in making it.  

Although gold is the most popular choice of the jewellers in making diamond nose studs, there are a variety of other metals utilised. Check out the most common types of metals used in this nose jewellery. 


Gold is a popular metal used to create diamond nose studs for a number of good reasons. It is known to be the least allergic to human skin among various other metals. Moreover, gold nose rings can be easily cleaned and maintained without any extra effort. This metal is utilised to create diamond nose rings to help maximise the sparkle of the diamond fitted in them. Different types of gold metal are used in making nose rings including yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. 

Yellow gold has a wonderful yellow brilliance and gives a beautiful look to the nose ring created by it. In its purest form gold is too soft for making jewellery that easily wears off and loses shape. So, this metal is generally combined with other metals, like copper to give gold strength and make it most suitable for nose jewellery. Nose rings created with yellow gold suit every skin tone and go well with any dress. White gold is a stunning substitute for yellow gold that gets its colour when mixed with white metals, like palladium or nickel. Nose rings made from white gold are durable and don’t get dents, scratches and accidental imperfections easily making it a common metal for nose ring creating. Nose rings in white gold complement all skin tones and offers a stylish and up-to-date look. Rose gold has a combination of gold and copper and is having widespread use in making diamond nose studs because of its modest and distinctive look.


Titanium is extremely durable and bio-compatible which means it is not harmful to the body. This makes it a great choice as a nose ring metal. However, make sure that you have chosen implant certified titanium. Titanium is durable and contains very little nickel. One of the biggest advantages of titanium is that it is scratch-resistant. All these features make titanium a good nose ring metal and also your jewellery will last a long time. 

Surgical Stainless Steel

This metal is perfect for a fresh or healing nose piercing because of its hypoallergenic aspect and doesn’t irritate the skin. 


Niobium is a great option for creating nose rings for its hypoallergenic nature and is ideal for those who have metal sensitivities. It is durable and bio-compatible and comes between titanium and surgical stainless steel in terms of price. 

The Bottom Line

Although gold is the best choice and the most popular metal for making diamond nose studs, other metals are also utilised and liked by many wearers and jewellers. Choose the metal that suits your taste and makes the whole experience a comfortable one. Don’t skimp but choose a high-quality metal to save yourself from a lot of problems, like skin allergies down the line.