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Manufacturing of all handmade bespoke diamond and gem jewellery. We will remodel existing jewellery and repair and alter any new and old jewellery.

Aztec Jewellers is your local professional service for setting precious diamonds and gems on personalized jewellery. Greg Downs is the manufacturing jeweller on-premises, specializing in handcrafted, custom-made jewellery and renovations and remodeling of existing jewels. He has over 32 years of experience in jewellery manufacturing, making us your ideal choice for bespoke creations anywhere in the Darling Downs..

Aztec Jewellers cater to any repair and remodelling work. We understand the value of your jewellery and the added sentimental value that family heirlooms or gifts can hold. With this in mind, we strive to renovate your worn jewellery back to its original lustre. You can also bring in your broken, unwanted gold and have it remelted and reworked into a memorable new piece that will last for a lifetime!

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