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About Holey Noses Quality Handmade Body Jewellery

HOLEY NOSES all jewellery handmade to your specifications.

We are a qualified manufacturing jeweller with over 32 years experience.

We take great pride in our workmanship and therefore guarantee for the life of your jewellery that your diamonds and or gems will never fall out of there setting, your diamonds and gems are set in and are never glued in.

We specialise in 18ct and 9ct Yellow, White and Rose gold nose studs, rings pins/bones along with all other body jewellery.

All diamonds are purchased locally in Australia and are purchased as conflict free diamonds.

We purchase only the best quality natural gems known as best quality along with manufacturing a vast arrangement of created gems using signity cut gems for optimal sparkle and brilliance, therefore you will get the look of a natural gem without the price tag.

If you have any enquiries please dont hesitate to contact myself Natasha, as i am more then willing to help you through your purchasing process.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement: To design and create custom made high end quality body jewellery that exceeds our customer’s expectations in quality, value, and service.

Why Choose Us

At Holey noses, we are not mass produced earrings bent up into nose studs. We believe that your jewellery is no different than that of buying clothes, you don’t go buying clothes the wrong size and your jewellery is the same, we know not all bodies are the same size and therefore we will custom make your jewellery to fit you.

We will generically make a standard nose stud as 6mm x 6mm but please email us once purchased for all changes to be made and we will follow your instructions and work with you.

All golds used are assayed tested approved and therefore the carat (karat) will be either 9ct or 18ct gold, we recommend that if you have metal sensitivities that you should always choose 18ct (18k) as this is the purer metal and therefore less chance of your piercing reacting.

We offer you a lifetime warranty that your gems or diamonds will never fall out of its setting, we are manufacturing Jewellers and therefore your gems and diamonds are set in and never ever glued in.