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Yellow Gold Barbell Australia


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hand made solid 18ct yellow gold 14g 6mm solid gold ball Diamond Yellow Gold Barbell Australia 10-16mm set with 2×0.10ct DGSI diamonds

Product Description

Stunning 18ct yellow gold Solid Gold 6mm ball 0.20ct Diamond Yellow Gold Barbell Australia 14g  hand crafted by our manufacturer jeweller individually and especially for you.

This diamond Yellow Gold Barbell Australia is priced at one (1) only, photos is for display purposes only
Yellow Gold Barbell Australia Specifics

Gold – 18ct Yellow gold – please note this is genuine assay approved 18ct gold, not plated in any way at all
Gauge size – 1.6mm being 14g solid wire 18ct gold with 2 solid gold 6mm balls which one ball is threaded and one fixed  this is a nice weighty solid 18ct gold Yellow Gold Barbell Australia to last you an absolute lifetime
Diameter – in this price 10-16mm we are happy again to custom make in any other diameter above 16mm but there will be an additional charges

Diamond – set with 2×0.10ct diamonds both being best colour and quality DGSI

This Yellow Gold Barbell Australia is all solid and we will make to fit you beautifully, you can wear 2 ways, diamonds showing or turn around to have plain beautiful 18ct gold. 1st on the market of this quality please enquire if you would like any other design.

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We are the manufacturers, and therefore individually hand make each and every piece. Our jewellery is not casted or mass produced by machines!


Terms of Sale

Please ensure that you have read the item sizes and descriptions before you use make your purchase to ensure you understand the size of your nose stud/ body jewellery. We will not be held accountable if you have made an incorrect decision based on its size when you have received your jewellery. Occasionally your jewellery may seem smaller in diameter, but please be reassured that it is the correct diamond/gem weight, as all diamonds/gems are measured in Carat weight not necessarily in diameter size.

Return Policy

Items are presented in a tamper proof view bag so you can have a good look at the workmanship and gemstone quality. We do not refund for change of mind; however, we are happy to exchange for a different item if this is not suitable under the conditions stated below.

  • tamper bag must not be broken or torn. Please remember we do this for your protection.


  • strict hygiene regulations prevent us from changing jewellery for items you have ordered the wrong size etc.


  • If we have made you a custom-made order, there are no returns or exchanges unless the jewellery is faulty in any way.

Please note that if you have our product altered in any way without Holey noses doing the work the guarantee becomes invalid.

1. All returns/cancellations will incur the 25% restocking fee. (minimum restocking fee of $3)
2. Any postage paid is non-refundable.
3. Item must be returned in similar mail packaging as received.
4. The buyer is responsible for return postage charges and for the safe arrival of the returned item.







We offer a life time warranty on all our jewellery that your gems or diamond will never fall out (fair wear and tear excluded).

Exclusions to warranty

Warranty excluded if your jewellery is altered by yourself or any other persons other than us, this includes a clean and polish by any other person. We offer a free clean and polish service once a year, providing you supply a pre-paid self-addressed envelope to be returned in.


Keep any body piercing looking great with Holey Noses’ wide variety of Yellow Gold Barbell Australia. These versatile pieces of body jewellery come in stunning 18ct yellow gold metal handcrafted individually for you. The quality and craftsmanship of our handcrafted Yellow Gold Barbell Australia and other jewellery are unparalleled and are never compromised. This stunning diamond Yellow Gold Barbell Australia made of yellow gold is handcrafted by our jewellers and can be customised to make the best fit for you.

A Yellow Gold Barbell Australia has a post at the centre and beads on either end. You may be able to remove only one bead or both depending on the jewellery. The Yellow Gold Barbell Australia use either internal or external threading. Settings play an important role in any piece of jewellery and we make sure to do it right. They hold the stone securely in place and so you can wear it without fear of loss.

We are best known for our commitment to excellent quality and workmanship and our Yellow Gold Barbell Australia jewellery is designed to last. We never use glue to fix any diamond or gems and set in the natural stones and gemstones on Yellow Gold Barbell Australia so that they never fall out of the setting. Only the highest quality natural stones are used in all our handcrafted Yellow Gold Barbell Australia to obtain their optimal sparkle and brilliance. Quality of Yellow Gold Barbell Australia metal is very important and so, we use only genuine 18ct yellow gold to manufacture them. Holey Noses had a huge collection of Yellow Gold Barbell Australia that enhance one’s style and looks. They have a great versatility suitable to wear on every occasion. Make sure to check out Holy Noses’ Yellow Gold Barbell Australia collection to get what suits your face.

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