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White Gold Labret Australia



Stunning 18ct white gold 2mm Blue tourmalene White Gold Labret Australia, hand crafted by our manufacturer jeweller individually and especially for you.

Gem Specifics

Colour –Vibrant blue, really pretty blue
Gem size- 2mm
Clarity – VS
Cut – Round Brilliant Cut


Measurements – 2.6mm approximately in its setting
Gold – 18ct white gold – please note this is genuine assay approved 18ct gold, not plated in any way at all
Gauge – 16g (1.2mm wire)
Setting – this is set in a cone setting, this provides a nice flush sitting against your face and will not stick up like most other studs in the market today.
Size – we will custom make to fit you, sizes in this price are 6-8mm. Happy to make longer for additional costs, please email before you purchase.
This White Gold Labret Australia is internally threaded into the bar, our latest design, see as pictured.

Shop with confidence
Buy from a trusted and reliable seller.
We are the manufacturers, and therefore individually hand make each and every piece. Our jewellery is not casted or mass produced by machines!

‘Holey Noses – where quality counts’

Greg being a manufacturing jeweller with 30 years experince is your jeweller that will handmake all your jewellery for you, with Natasha being the business manager to answer all your enquiries.

your jewellery will be individually handmade by Greg and we know that not all bodies are the same and are happy to custom make for you, so if you require any changes that is in the photo supplied please feel free to contact us before hand with your request,please note this is your responsibility to enquire before hand.

Your nose stud are not prefabricated earrings as other suppliers out there, so be rest assured you are buying top quality pieces of 18ct jewellery, an investment we believe you will love.

Your nose stud will be 100% made using top quality gems and diamonds and 100% 18ct gold, not filled or plated in any way. We offer our customers a lifetime warranty on your jewellery that your gems or diamonds will never fall out of the setting as these are set in not glued in (fair wear and tear excluded).

Designed for use in lip piercings, White Gold Labret Australia is perfectly suited to the task. Holey Noses is a trusted jeweller for real diamonds or gemstone jewellery. The quality and craftsmanship of our handcrafted White Gold Labret Australia and other jewellery are unparalleled and are never compromised. This stunning blue tourmaline White Gold Labret Australia made of white gold is handcrafted by our jewellers and can be customised to make the best fit for you.

Settings play an important role in any piece of jewellery. They hold the stone securely in place and so you can wear it without fear of loss. This beautiful White Gold Labret Australia is set in a cone setting that gives a flush sitting against your face and doesn’t stick up like the ones available in the market. All lip piercings have a danger of tooth and gum damage. This is because jewellery can potentially rub on the gum line, leading to chipping a tooth or gum recession. Holey Noses’ White Gold Labret Australia stud has a flat backplane that sits smoothly against the teeth or gums and greatly reduces mouth damage.

We are best known for our commitment to excellent quality and workmanship and our White Gold Labrets in Australia are designed to last. We never use glue to fix any diamond or gems and set in the natural stones and gemstones on White Gold Labret Australia so that they never fall out of the setting. Only the highest quality natural stones are used in all our handcrafted White Gold Labret Australia to obtain their optimal sparkle and brilliance. Quality of White Gold Labret Australia metal is very important and so, we use only genuine 18ct white gold to manufacture them. Holey Noses had a huge collection of White Gold Labret Australia that enhance one’s style and looks. They have a great versatility suitable to wear on every occasion. Just tell us what you need so that we can help you to find what best suits you.


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